Latest Assessment of Seismic Station Observations (LASSO)

Groups of MUSTANG metrics or LASSO derived metrics characterize the quality of seismic data. These are accessed by Network or Virtual Network.

Global Seismographic Network stations and arrays
USArray Transportable Array (NSF EarthScope Project)

Create a custom assortment of MUSTANG metrics, parameterized broadly or by a single Network-Station-Location-Channel.

Click to select metric(s) to display.
Hold [control] (PC) or [command] (Apple) to make multiple selections or hold [shift] (any platform) to select metrics en masse.
Enter "*" for all or use single network code, e.g. "II". "*" not recommended due to size of potential return
Enter "*" for all or station code, e.g. "BORG".
Enter "*" or location code, e.g. "00".
Enter "*" or wildcard with "?", e.g. "VM?".
Enter "*" for all; "M" is highly recommend.

Click a measurement to see the history of it for the last: period requested

Colored fields represent metrics being used in the diagnostic metric groupings seen through the LASSO gateway page.